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Atlanta, Georgia-area residents felt the brunt of the nationwide high inflation rates, as the cost of goods in the city rose nearly 8 percent over last year according to data released in the Consumer Price Index on Wednesday. According to the data, transportation costs in the city rose 21 percent over the past year. There were also high inflation rates recorded in St. Louis, Missouri and cities in Arizona, with smaller increases reported in large liberal cities like New York and San Francisco, as people moved out of the areas and into cities in more conservative states during the coronavirus pandemic. Nationwide, inflation rose 6.2 percent over last year - the highest it has been since November 1990, as President Joe Biden vows to tackle the issue.

I'm An After Hour Man

Scott Fairlamb (right and left at the Capitol riot), 44, was the first person sentenced for assaulting a law enforcement officer during the January 6 Capitol riot. He pleaded guilty to two counts - one for obstruction of an official proceeding and one for assaulting the police officer - and must spend 44 months in prison and pay a $2,000 fine. Videos from the Capitol riot showed Fairlamb punching an officer's helmet and climbing a scaffolding holding a baton while shouting. Prosecutors called for a 44-month sentence and cited Fairlamb's background in MMA fighting and social media, where he supported QAnon conspiracy theories. Fairlamb has been held at the Hudson County Correctional Facility since he was arrested from his Stockholm, New Jersey, home on January 22.

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The U.S. is among seven countries in the Western world recommending masks for children in schools. However, at least 14 other countries don't require kids to wear face coverings.

Jayson Bowles, Reed's attorney, claimed in a statement Wednesday after meeting with Santa Fe County Deputy Sheriffs that the truth will come out to set his client free.

Howard Stern vowed to run for president in the next election insisting that he could win against Donald Trump in 2024, pointing to the media attention his remarks on Aaron Rodgers received.

Kyle Rittenhouse judge eviscerates prosecutor for bringing banned TikTok information before the jury: Defense demands he declare a mistrial that could see Kenosha shooter walk FREE

Kyle Rittenhouse's defense has told the court that they plan to move for a mistrial on grounds of prosecutorial misconduct following a morning of high drama in Kenosha County Courthouse. Shortly after lunch and before the jury was called back Rittenhouse's attorney, Corey Chirafisi informed Judge Bruce Schroeder of their intention to file a motion calling for a mistrial with prejudice meaning that the case could not be retried. He went onto accuse Assistant District Attorney of knowingly attempting to throw over the proceedings because they were going badly for the state. He explained, 'Normally a mistrial does not preclude a retrial [unless] a defendant's motion is necessitated by a prosecutorial impropriety designed to avoid an acquittal.' He continued, 'What has happened is two times the state commented on Mr Rittenhouse's right to remain silent. 'The first time he was admonished by the court. The second time the judge had the jury leave and he was re-admonished.' Before Rittenhouse took the stand Wednesday morning the judge had doubled down on an earlier decision in which he excluded evidence in which the teen had commented online about wishing he had his AR-15 so that he could shoot shoplifters. But despite this decision - and its reiteration - Binger brought the information up during his cross examination, a move that sparked a furious response from the judge. Chirafisi continued that to move for a mistrial with prejudice, 'The prosecutor's actions must be intentional...[with] an awareness that his activity would be prejudicial. 'You had warned him. You had told him prior to Mr Rittenshouse testifying. 'You had warned him about the infringement of his constitutional right to remain silent. He did it again. 'The second one says that the prosecutor's actions was designed to allow another chance to conv

yanhuigang Einfach zu bedienendes Werkzeugraumschleifrad Schleif

Cuomo's 515-page deposition from July 17 was revealed by AG Letitia James on Wednesday. It reveals how Brittany Commisso begged him in November 2020 to let her keep her job.

Kyle Rittenhouse sobs uncontrollably on the stand as he describes being 'ambushed' by his first victim who swung at him with a heavy chain and threatened to cut out his 'f***ing heart' - before shooting him dead 

Kyle Rittenhouse broke down on the witness stand as he recalled the moment he was 'ambushed' by Joseph Rosenbaum the night he shot him dead. He had taken the stand in his own defense to tell the court that Rosembaum threatened to kill him twice. He claimed Rosenbaum threatened him while swinging a heavy chain and the second time when he said he would 'cut out your f***ing heart' and 'kill you N-word'.The teen recounted the events of the night and explained that he had gone to administer medical aid armed with his rifle but not looking for trouble. He said he found himself alone and cut off from the rest of the group with whom he had been earlier on the evening of August 25, 2020. Rittenhouse is accused of gunning down three people with a military-style semi-automatic rifle last year, killing two and injuring one.

Jason Knauf's bombshell texts and emails with the Duchess of Sussex questions her 'credibility' and expose her 'hypocrisy' including briefing two journalists, her privacy trial heard.

In her written evidence to the British Court of Appeal, published today, Meghan denied she thought it likely that Thomas Markle would leak the document, but had prepared for the possibility.

The Duchess of Sussex previously insisted she and Prince Harry did not co-operate with the two writers of the gushing book Finding Freedom.

British palace press chief Jason Knauf said Meghan provided him with 'detail on how the tiara for her wedding had been selected and that it had been misrepresented by media'.

The penny FINALLY drops! Biden admits inflation is a 'problem' and that 'everything from a gallon of gas to a loaf of bread costs more' but insists shelves WILL be stocked for the Holidays

President Joe Biden said consumer prices were too high on Wednesday as he toured the Port of Baltimore and set out how his massive spending plans would help drive down inflation. Hours earlier, a new economic report revealed inflation had hit 6.2 percent - its highest level in 30 years. Some economists have warned that Biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and an even bigger social spending plan could overheat the economy.

I regret to say that President Joe Biden and his Vice-President, Kamala Harris are fast becoming the political equivalent of 'Dumb and Dumber's' Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne. Barely a day goes by when one of them isn't doing something worthy of abject mockery - from Biden falling asleep at the COP26 climate change summit, to Harris appearing in a World Space Day video with hired child actors who she pretended were wide-eyed real kids enthralled by her exultation of space exploration. And it's not just me that thinks this. A truly shocking new USA Today-Suffolk University poll reveals crushingly bad approval ratings for Biden with just 38% of Americans approving of his presidency and 59% disapproving. But the President is basking in approval sunshine compared to his deputy. Staggeringly, less than 3 in 10 Americans (27.8%) approve of the job Kamala Harris is doing, with 51.2% disapproving. This makes her the least popular vice-president at this stage of an administration for half a century.

A new Monmouth University Poll released Wednesday showed that 62 per cent of Americans believe that President Joe Biden hasn't been able to deliver on his promise to get Washington working.

A lawsuit was filed Tuesday against the Department of Defense on behalf of 35 Navy SEALs, alleging the department's COVID vaccine mandate violates their First Amendment rights.

Video emerges of Biden's Soviet-born Comptroller of the Currency nominee saying she wants oil and gas companies to go 'bankrupt to tackle climate change'

Video has emerged of President Joe Biden's nominee to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Saule Omarova, saying she wants oil and gas companies to go 'bankrupt.' 'We want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change, right?' the Soviet-born Omarova said in a clip that was shared online by the conservative-leaning American Accountability Foundation.

Even Trump got a kiss! Macron avoids giving VP Kamala Harris traditional double cheek greeting as they shake hands at Élysée Palace after relations soured over collapsed $9B submarine deal 

ADVERTISEMENT Vice President Kamala Harris continued the administration's push to try to sooth relations with France after the clash over a US submarine deal on her diplomatic visit Wednesday - and by all outward signs was enjoying the task. 'I'm very happy to be in Paris,' she exclaimed when a reporter shouted a question about whether she had to make 'amends.' She was warmly greeted by French President Emmanuel Macron on the steps of Elysee Palace - just days after President Joe Biden also sought to mend fences with the nation often called America's oldest ally. Macron walked down the steps to greet her as her motorcade arrived. The two exchanged a warm greeting, with Harris smiling and grinning as they first shook hands.

The target appears to be a half-scale model of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier located on what analysts believe is a military firing range in China's vast western desert region of Xinjiang.

Head electrician on the Rust movie set Serge Svetnoy has sued Alec Baldwin, rookie armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed (bottom right with guns) and assistant director Dave Halls (inset blue shirt). He claimed that the negligence that led to Hutchins' death has caused him 'severe emotional distress' he's unsure if he can recover from. Svetnoy sued Baldwin for his negligence as an actor and as a producer of the movie, claiming that 'the scene did not call for (him) to shoot the Colt Revolver'. In a tribute post to Hutchins on Facebook Svetnoy said he 'was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Halyna' when she was fatally shot. 'I was holding her in my arms while she was dying. Her blood was on my hands,' he added before filing the suit, which asked for damages and a jury trial.

Mary Carmack-Altwies told Good Morning America there were 'so many levels of failures' on the set before Hutchins was accidentally shot and killed by actor Alec Baldwin, 63, on October 21.

Jose Francisco Paz-Ruiz tried to evade Laredo, Texas, cops executing an arrest warrant by swimming to Mexico before he was apprehended Tuesday.

The American Medical Association has come under fire for publishing an 'Orwellian' guide on 'equity' that promotes critical race theory and Marxism; includes a list of words physicians should stop using such as 'vulnerable,' 'high risk' and 'minority,' and criticizes meritocracy and individualism. Twitter was rife with comments slamming the guide as touting 'literal Marxism' and sowing division instead of focusing in medicine. Though AMA President Gerald Harmon wrote in a blog post accompanying the guide that 'As with science, our language must change and evolve over time based on new revelations and a deeper understanding.'

Curtis Means, of Alabama, has been named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most premature baby to ever survive, after being born only 21 weeks and one day into term.

A cop put on leave by the San Francisco Police Department for missing the city's Nov. 1 vaccination deadline died fighting COVID just days after contracting the virus.

Gov. Ron DeSantis says he will send migrants to Delaware if any more are flown into Florida on secret flights and slams Biden for caring more about the Belarus border than his own after his meeting with EU Commission head 

DeSantis ripped reports of 'clandestine' flights of migrants to Jacksonville on Wednesday, the same day the EU Commission chief indicated that Biden supported the European Union expanding its Belarus sanctions over the growing migrants crisis on its border with Poland. Western governments in the EU and NATO accused Belarusian strongman dictator Alexander Lukashenko of luring migrants to his country and sending them to cross into Poland in retaliation for sanctions. But in a statement to, the Florida governor's office called out Biden for remaining silent on the US border crisis.

A study by the Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece rated the diet of more than 1,000 older people for anti-inflammatory foods and tracked them over an average of three years.

Investigators say the killing of a beloved high school Spanish teacher earlier this month was not racially motivated, despite initial assumptions that the Mexican-born native was killed over her race.

California Governor Gavin Newsom was left with muscle weakness and fatigue after receiving two jabs within days of each other, friends claim. Newsom abruptly pulled out of the climate summit in Scotland last week and his office cited 'family obligations' as the reason. He was last seen in public on October 27, after receiving a COVID-19 booster shot in Oakland and also got a flu shot on October 22. He is seen in a photo attending oil heiress Ivy Getty's wedding in San Francisco on Saturday. Newsom wore a sharp tuxedo with a black mask and is seen looking on while Gordon Getty gives his granddaughter Ivy a kiss at the end of the aisle. 'The flu shot and booster shot were administered separately and the Governor did not have an adverse reaction to either shot,' Newson's press secretary insists.

The firebrand Republican lawmaker has been hit with at least 22 separate penalties for not wearing a mask in the House, but has stood defiant against the Democrats' rule. She owes more than $50,000.

Marie Snyder, 32, and her partner, Echo Butler, 26, from Pennsylvania, have been charged with child endangerment and obstruction after the discovery of the bodies of Snyder's two daughters.

Prosecutors say the fees violate Title III of the ADA, which prohibits discrimination against disabled people in public accommodations. Uber called the suit 'surprising and disappointing.'

'Somebody's passed out. Let's get a medic out there': Videos show Travis Scott DID stop Astroworld performance to call for help after fan 'passed out'

Travis Scott pause his Astroworld performance to call for help for a distressed fan during last weekend's deadly concert in Houston that left eight dead and one woman braindead, can reveal. Video obtained exclusively by shows the 30-year-old rapper stopping his show after spotting someone 'pass out' in the crowd.   In the clip, Scott is seen singing before abruptly cutting the music mid-performance to call for help.

The plan, filed with Harris County before Friday's deadly concert, made no mention of a crowd surge but did point to 'the ever-present threat of a mass casualty situation.'

Scott, 30, announced on Monday that he was partnering with BetterHelp to supply free one-on-one online therapy to any Astroworld victims. The rapper was performing on stage at the festival in Houston on Friday when a crowd surge left at least eight people dead and hundreds of others injured. Scott, who has had more than 40 lawsuits filed against him following the concert, also pledged to cover all funeral costs and refund the cost of all tickets. The partnership with BetterHelp was met with backlash and some even speculated that Scott would financially benefit from the initiative. There have also been renewed criticisms about the therapy app, itself, which shares information with third-party advertisers and partners with celebrities. A source close to Astroworld told Scott is fully funding the free mental health service himself and is in 'no way' making a profit off of it.

The beleaguered rapper is being sued for 'inciting mayhem' while onstage at Houston's Astroworld on November 5, prompting a catastrophic crowd surge.

Suzanne Morphew's married lover Jeff Libler will be forced to take the stand when her husband Barry goes on trial for her murder in May, according to court documents obtained by

Hunter Biden's daughter Maisy (pictured linking arms with her dad) was snapped yawning while strolling through New York City with her father close to where the controversial first son's art exhibition continues. Maisy, 20, was snapped looking visibly tired as she strolled through Tribeca in Manhattan with her father on Tuesday night.

Dumb and Dumber: Moment Houston House of Horrors mom and her gangster-wannabe boyfriend visited library to Google THEMSELVES two days after her three sons were rescued from roach-infested apartment with brother's corpse

Newly obtained video shows Brian Coulter and Gloria Williams entering a Houston library on October 26, two days after police found the skeletal remains of the woman's slain eight-year-old son. In the footage, Coulter and Williams talk to a librarian, and Williams smiles before the pair reportedly proceeded to read online articles about their case.

The 45-year-old reality star told Mellencamp, 40, that she is 'trying to put one foot in front of the other' since the scary incident. She also admitted she had been struggling with panic attacks.

The parents have spoken! Furious moms and dads confront Loudoun County school board and reveal they've filed petitions to have chair and three board members removed after boy-in-a-skirt rape 'cover-up'

A group of parents confronted the Loudoun County school board meeting on Tuesday night to reveal they have filed a petition to have the chair removed. The group, Fight for Schools, has collected more than 2,000 signatures to remove the board chair Brenda Sheridan citing reasons including neglect of duty, misuse of office and incompetence in the performance of her duties. They also compiled signatures to mount legal challenges to oust three other board members, Atoosa Reaser, Ian Serotkin and Denise Corbo. One mother speaking at the meeting told board members: 'See you in court'. The Virginia school district was thrust into the national spotlight due to allegations that a 15-year-old boy wearing a skirt raped a female classmate. The district has denied reports that it tried to cover up the incident.

President Joe Biden will visit the Port of Baltimore on Wednesday to sell his $1.2 trillion infrastructure package as the United States continues to deal with crushing supply chain problems.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called former President Donald Trump's term in office the 'dark period' as she took questions Wednesday at COP26 about U.S. efforts to curb climate change.

Texas high school's first black principal is forced to resign after being accused of pushing CRT: Parents also complained when he shared intimate Facebook photo of himself with his white wife

A Texas principal was officially ousted on Monday after months of controversy involving Critical Race Theory and intimate Facebook photos of him and his white wife. Dr. James Whitfield was forced to resign as Grapevine Colleyville Independent School District (GCISD) cited 'deficiencies in his performance.' He has been placed on paid leave until August 2023. He first came under criticism earlier this year after a former school board candidate accused him of teaching and promoting CRT, which the board noted there is no evidence of. Whitfield also raised eyebrows after a decade-old intimate photoshoot of him and his white wife embracing on a beach was shared. He claimed race was at the forefront of the board's decision to force him to remove the photos of the interracial couple. Whitfield was the first black principal at Colleyville Heritage High School, a majority-white school in the Forth Worth area.

Poison Packets

Crews, 53, stars in a new Amazon ad that encourages people to apply for jobs at the company while touting its benefits, paid tuition, and flexible hours.

Blocks from a temple devoted to King Nectanebo I, founder of Egypt's last native dynasty, were found outside Cairo. Hieroglyphs reference his reign and the materials used in the temple.

The 'secret sauce' behind Jennifer Lopez's incredible body revealed: Star's trainer reveals the 'very intense' workout regimen that keeps the singer in such amazing shape at 52

Celebrity trainer David Kirsch described the singer as 'very focused and high energy,' and said her workouts are often 'very, very intense.' Some of his go-to moves include platypus walks, sumo lunges, sidekicks, and plyometric squat jumps. David, who is based in New York and has worked as a trainer for 35 years, also likes to use single leg deadlifts, boxing, and elements of Pilates in his workouts. He said Jennifer is 'meticulous about her eating, sleeping, and generally about everything in her life.'

Video footage of a man brutally attacked a woman in the elevator at Lexington Avenue subway station in Harlem, New York City on November 1, was released today by police.

'I want to give you a big cuddle': Kate Middleton shows her sensitive side with a hug for Holocaust survivor she photographed as they reunite at Imperial War Museum exhibition 

The Duchess of Cambridge, 39, was in high spirits as she visited the Imperial War Museum in London today to open the galleries (left and right). During the outing, Kate Middleton reunited with Stephen Frank BEM and Yvonne Bernstein, who she photographed alongside their granddaughters for the Holocaust survivors exhibition in January 2020 and offered him a hug (top inset, the photograph taken by Kate, and bottom inset, meeting with Yvonne).

One man in a denim jacket and sneakers is seen crouching in the middle of tracks at a subway station. He is using his iPhone to take a photo of a friend sitting on the platform, his feet over the edge.

10 Stücke Glitter Happy Birthday Cake Topper Bling Funkelnde Dek

The actress, who writes cookbooks and opened an LA diner which has permanently closed, praised the Pizza Express branch while in Wales filming BBC comedy series Decline and Fall in 2017.

Dr. Jason Lance, an Ogden, Utah-based radiologist, is now facing three charges following a May 24 incident that occurred over 17,000 feet up Denali, formerly known as Mt. McKinley. The 47-year-old doctor and his 31-year-old friend and climbing partner, identified in the criminal complaint only as AR, set out from Denali's Camp 3, at 14,200 feet, to try and reach the mountain's summit. Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America, with a summit elevation of 20,310 feet above sea level.

If a child receives or attempts to send an image with nudity, the photo will be blurred and the child will be warned about the content - but they still have the option to send or view the sensitive content.

Molly Pearson (left) was riding a Lime rental moped (right) last Tuesday night when she was hit by a white box truck and thrown in front of the vehicle, which immediately ran her over. EMS arrived quickly on the scene and transported Pearson to Bellevue Hospital, where she clung to life before dying on Saturday. Police said Pearson had been driving the moped beside the box truck (inset) when the 33-year-old truck driver attempted to make a right at the intersection of Meeker Avenue and Skillman Avenue and struck her.

A California judge ruled Apple must make it possible for developers to add links and buttons for external payments within apps. The changes are also mandated to be made by December 9.

The new team will be led by seasoned blockchain engineer Tess Rinearson, who said the division will 'focus on crypto, blockchains, and other decentralized technologies.'

Netflix viewers voice 'PITY' for serial killer prostitute Aileen Wuornos and insist she was 'let down by society' as gruesome reality of her 'horrible family life' is laid bare in new true crime docuseries

Aileen, who was born in Rochester, Michigan, murdered seven men in Florida in 1989 and 1990. She claimed her victims had tried to hurt her, and that all of the homicides were committed in self-defense. The woman, who was sexually assaulted and beaten by her grandfather as a kid, was eventually found guilty and was sentenced to death. Netflix has covered the gruesome events in the second episode of their new show, Catching Killers, but some people think Aileen was treated unfairly.

The 29-year-old singer last week took to Instagram to announce the partnership to more than 118 million followers, posing with a phone showcasing the app.

Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey came out against vaccine mandates for children on Tuesday - even as the father of three revealed he has gotten both shots. McConaughey, 52, said that while he and his wife are both vaccinated, he doesn't want to mandate the COVID-19 jabs for children, including his kids - aged 13, 11 and 8. 'I couldn't mandate having to vaccinate the younger kids. I still want to find out more information,' he said. McConaughy made his comments at The New York Times DealBook summit just days after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved the Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE Covid-19 vaccines for children aged 5 to 11 last week. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy responded to McConaughey on CNN later on Tuesday, saying that vaccinating children was important because 'Covid is not harmless' to them. 'Many kids have died. Sadly, hundreds of children. Thousands have been hospitalized, and as a dad of a child who has been hospitalized several years ago for another illness, I would never wish upon any parent they have a child that ends up in the hospital,' Murthy said.

A Texas-based subcontractor paid to run an arm of the studies has been accused of cutting corners, obscuring data and putting patients in harm's way.

Researchers from Veterans Affairs in Massachusetts found that unvaccinated nursing home staff members were testing positive for Covid at ten times the rate of their vaccinated peers.

Researchers from the University of Rochester in New York found that antibody levels in breast milk mostly remained steady or increased after 90 days compared to milk of vaccinated mothers.

NY Gov Kathy Hochul announced a program called Vaccinate, Educate, Graduate - the latest incentive to get children vaccinated. It comes after the CDC recommended the shot on November 2.

The findings come from a study of more than more than 700 health workers, which found that a tenth of those who regularly tested negative had T cells against Covid's replication mechanism.

Researchers at the Université de Montréal found that older people generate a higher number and more effective natural antibodies from Covid infection than younger people.

Jill Biden teamed up with Elizabeth Dole on Wednesday to praise the children of military veterans who help care for their wounded parents, a group she called 'Hidden Helpers.' 'From a young age, hidden helpers learn the cost of our wars up close,' the first lady said at her first solo event at the White House.  'We must bring hidden helpers' service out of the shadows - let their light shine - and give them the support they need to thrive,' she added.

Downton Abbey 2 FIRST LOOK: Teaser transports fans back to 1920s with favorites Lady Mary Crawley and Tom Branson making an appearance

A teaser trailer for the Downton Abbey movie sequel was released on Wednesday, transporting fans back to the 1920s. The fifteen second clip features sweeping views of the famed fictional Yorkshire estate and fan favourites Lady Mary Crawley and Tom Branson make an appearance, played by Michelle Dockery and Allan Leech respectively.

Imhotep O. Norman, 28, who left his 19-month-old daughter to die in a burning car during a police chase back in April 2019 was given 28 years in prison after being sentenced on Tuesday.

The Allied Pilots Association voted against the premium pay of at least 150 per cent and double pay for picking up open holiday trips because it wanted to see permanent changes.

Aminata Diallo and Kheira Hamraoui both play in midfield and are in direct competition with each other. It is believed Diallo organised the attack to put her team-mate out of action.

Incredible footage captures 'the world's most badly beaten' great white shark COVERED in deep scratches and bites - but what caused the damage?

Incredible footage of what might be the world's 'most battered' great white shark has been captured near South Australia's Neptune Islands. The footage, posted to the Sea Dragon Films YouTube channel in January, shows a great white shark swimming beside underwater photographer Dean Spraakman, its fins, gills, mouth and body covered in scratches.  Mr Spraakman said that he has never seen a great white in such poor condition before and while he originally shout the marine creature was in a lot of pain, it was actually extremely calm and gentle in its demeanour.

The footage, which was leaked by a former inmate, documents the abuse of at least five prisoners who were urinated on, raped and violated with blunt objects in Russia's Saratov region.

From a sample of 150 golfers, researchers in London have found the successful players tend to hold their golf club in a 'reversed stance', just like Phil Mickelson (pictured).

LYTBJ Elektroherd-Heizung Kamin Elektrofeuer mit umlaufendem Kam

California-based start-up SpinLaunch successfully completed a test flight of its prototype suborbital accelerator (pictured left and inset in an artist's impression) after loading a projectile into it and blasting it to space. The system works by attaching a rocket to a giant rotating arm (top right) in a vacuum-sealed centrifuge and spinning it at several times the speed of sound. It is then released and shoots towards space with the ultimate plan being to return the orbital launch vehicle back to Earth so it can be reused (bottom right). The kinetic energy-powered technology is seen as an environmentally-friendly alternative to fuel-based rockets, although no details of its cost have been revealed.

Raging customer throws RED HOT soup in Mexican restaurant manager's face because the plastic lid had melted

Restaurant manager Jannelle Broland, 24, was doused in Mexican menudo soup on the afternoon of November 7 after a customer at Sol de Jalisco in Temple claimed it was so hot, the plastic lid on its container melted into the broth. Broland can be seen reasoning with the woman, who takes off the lid of the container of soup and points at it during the back-and-forth. Abruptly, she flings the soup at Broland, grabs her male companion and races out the door. Now, CCTV footage of the incident has been viewed over 5 million times and Broland is pressing charges.

The former Great British Bake Off judge recalled on This Morning a time she was baking with Kate at the RHS Garden Wisley, a garden run by the Royal Horticultural Society in Surrey.

Zillow sold the latest batch of homes to New York City-based Pretium Partners, who intends to rent the 2,000 houses out across 20 US markets. Zillow plans to sell all its 18,000 homes.

Here Femail reveals the glamorous women who could soon be giving their US counterparts a run for their money, after executive producer Andy Cohen announced the new series of the hit show. The Real Housewives of Dubai will be the first international version of the show to be produced by Bravo, hinting at a hit in the making. Frontrunners to take part include (left to right) model Chanel Ayan, business magnate Sara Al Madani, beauty queen turned designer Lesa Milan Hall, and real estate powerhouse Caroline Brooks.

Scrawled across a calendar entry in capital letters on a date that resonates in history is one word written in Latin. It is 'Finis' and it is marked against December 11, 1936, the day that Edward VIII gave up his throne for the love of American divorcee Wallis Simpson (both pictured left a year later, in 1937). This was how the former king's devoted manservant recorded both the tragedy of the Abdication and his own repugnance, with a solitary word meaning 'the end'. The writer was Horace Jack Crisp, who worked as valet and page to the former Prince of Wales and future Duke of Windsor from 1919 until that December night when Edward sailed into exile, amid a constitutional crisis that threatened to bring down the monarchy. Now, nearly 85 years later, Crisp's intimate notes (inset) and keepsakes (a gifted cigarette case, bottom left, and stick pin, bottom right) from his years of palace service - he later worked for both George VI and the Queen Mother - have been unearthed. And they shed a fascinating light on this tumultuous chapter in royal history. Pictured top left: Edward and Mrs Simpson bathing in the Adriatic on their cruise aboard the steam yacht Nahlin, seen top right.

Astronomers have discovered gamma rays that are emanating from ultra-fast outflows coming from several nearby galaxies for the first time, according to a new study.

The singer, 33, looked incredible in a slick white suit with bedazzled detailing as she sat in a garden similar to the backdrop of Meghan and Harry's famous interview with the TV icon, 67

A man, from the UK, took to Reddit and posted a snap of a note penned his wife's lover alongside a caption titled: 'Came home to my partner in bed with someone else! Pretty sure I struck the right tone?''

BXZ Kronleuchter Deckenleuchte Einbaustahlwerke, Ultradünne Gitt

The 500million-euro (£430million/$600million) 'yacht liner' - which has a length of 222m (728ft) - will offer 39 ultra-luxury apartments starting at 9.5million euros (£8.1million/$11.2million).

Mackenzie Strong, 19, has built up a following of 400,000 fans. The student from Illinois was born with oculocutaneous albinism type 1 A - a condition that affects the coloring of the skin, hair, and eyes.


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Photographers from around the world have captured the wondrous, miraculous moment of birth - in all its raw and unglamorous glory - in a striking series of images (pictured). This year's winners of the annual Birth Photographer of the Year Awards are typically powerful and breathtakingly intimate, documenting the agony and the ecstasy of childbirth in close detail. The global contest, in collaboration with Atkins Lab, was founded by world renowned and award-winning birth photographer Lacey Barratt as a way to further legitimise the stunning and intricate art of birth photography.

Jools von Jenny Braun® Princess Cut CZ mit vier Krappenfassung

Millie, 17, who is a Down's syndrome activist, had been to see Sir Ian McKellen perform at Theatre Royal Windsor when the actor asked if she would like to give him a tour of Windsor.

The footage, captured by Adriane Gonçalves Serrão of Caieiras, Brazil, shows the moment a man swooped down to pick up a sloth that was attempting to cross a road and take it to a nearby tree.

Kentucky high school principal Donald 'Happy' Mobelini and two other male staffers were given a reprimand after they were filmed getting lap dances from male students at a homecoming event

People from around the world have shared the most bizarre mistakes they have ever come across, with the very best collated in a gallery by Bored Panda. Clockwise from top left: Giving away someone's password; a badly installed tap; a parking lot that will give you a headache; not bothering to pick up a fallen lea; drinking on the job in the Philippines is encouraged; and very confusing road signs in London.

'Suitcase killer' Heather Mack (right), 26, is facing murder conspiracy charge for helping murder her socialite mother Sheila von Wiese-Mack (pictured together at left).

Dr Erin Macdonald, a Scottish-American astrophysicist, believes NASA's new deadline of 2025 is 'pushing it' and the US space agency may not land humans on the moon again until closer to 2030.

Each entrant in the Natural Landscape Photography Awards adheres to strict rules on digital editing so that viewers 'would not feel deceived by the end result if they were to see that original scene themselves'. The founders of the contest strive to promote 'realism' in landscape photography, saying: 'Digital adjustments are allowed with the understanding that the integrity of the subject should be maintained.' Utah-based landscaper photographer Eric Bennett takes the top spot in the first year of the contest, winning Photographer of the Year and trumping 13,368 entries from 47 countries. The contest adds: 'The results are a fantastic showcase of not only the photographers involved, but also the true wonder of the landscape in a way that people can trust.' Here is MailOnline Travel's pick of the winning pictures...

CBP officers assigned to the Paso Del Norte international crossing in El Paso, Texas, came into contact with an eight-year-old migrant boy from Guatemala who was abandoned by smugglers.

Donna and Vanner Johnson, from Salt Lake City, had IVF in 2007 to conceive their second son, Tim. 13 years later they decided to take a family DNA test 'for fun' but were shocked at the results.

John Henry Ramirez, 37, has sued Texas who his right to have his religious minister touch his foot and pray audibly during his execution. He was supposed to be executed on September 8.

Throw the ball! German Shepherd can't work out why two-month-old baby won't play fetch with him

The footage was filmed by two-month-old Brantley Kokal's mother Casey, who is from Ohio. The video, which has been viewed more than 6.4million times on social media, shows five-year-old dog Brody looking expectantly at a ball on the floor in front of Brantley. Casey says to her dog: 'Brody, we have been over this. Brantley is too young to throw the ball.' Casey posts videos on TikTok of her family's activities, including taking Brody to get a puppuccino and the German Shepherd begging for attention while her husband Matt is on the phone.

The European Commission, the 27-nation bloc's competition watchdog, punished Google in 2017 for unfairly favoring its own shopping service over competitors.

A report released by the Pew Research Center has segmented U.S. voters into nine political tribes - four that lean left, four that lean right, and the 'stressed sideliners.'

Brian Williams, who remade his career as an MSNBC host after losing his job as NBC Nightly News anchor for making false claims about a wartime story, is leaving the network after 28 years.

No fist pump for Merkel! German Chancellor is awkwardly left hanging by Denmark's Queen Margrethe II

The German chancellor had rolled out the red carpet for Queen Margrethe's arrival in Berlin, but was left embarrassed when the royal left her offer of a fist bump hanging. Queen Margrethe appeared taken aback when the outgoing Chancellor uncharacteristically extended her fist, offering a rather informal fist bump. The Danish royal paused, before placing her palm on her chest apologetically signalling to Merkel that she would not be participating in the greeting which could be considered unbecoming for a queen. Queen Margrethe of Denmark, known as 'Daisy' to family and subjects alike, met with Merkle on the first day of a four-day visit to Germany. The fist-bump-gone-wrong came before a walk through Berlin's famous Brandenburg Gate that is customary for state visits.

A mother from Skillman, New Jersey has been charged with two counts of murder after her daughter Samantha, aged seven, and 10-month-old son Paul were found dead in their car seats in her car.

Van Houten, 72, is serving a life sentence for helping Manson and other cult members kill Los Angeles grocer Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary, in August 1969.

Thousands of students in Washington State will have an unexpected four-day weekend after, Seattle and Bellvue school districts say, more than 600 teachers requested the day off on Friday.

Heartbreaking viral trend nails exactly why parents need to be mindful when it comes to handing out party invites to young children at school

Jessica Martini (pictured left) has issued a powerful message to parents about the importance of being mindful while organising children's parties. A new trend sweeping across the video platform has seen thousands of young adults open up about the pain they experienced as kids being left out of group activities. The heartbreaking stories (top right, bottom right) include a former foster child who was teased for bringing trash bags of clothes to school as she was shuffled between homes, while another woman shared a photo of her as a child, devastated after missing out on birthday invitations.

Bear hugs! Video montage shows panda twins cuddling each other from tiny cubs to tubby two-month-olds as they outgrow incubator at Madrid zoo

The two cubs were born at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium in the Spanish capital on September 6. The zoo said the cubs have just turned two months old and have now successfully passed the most delicate period of their development. They will now alternate between spending time in the crib installed for them in the zoo and spending time in the enclosure with their mother, who is called Hua Zui Ba, as they no longer require incubation.The Madrid zoo is also asking for netizens to vote on the panda cubs' names. Visitors have to choose from the six names You You, Jiu Jiu, Xing Mu, Bing Tang, Hua He, and Yue Yuan, and have until December 5 to register their vote.

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A BBC documentary revealed how Ken Smith, 74, lives in a log cabin which he built himself on the banks of Loch Treig, in Lochaber Scotland, where his main source of food comes from fishing. Now, photos reveal the hermit posing proudly next to his cabin after he finished building it in the 1980s. Another photo shows him grinning after catching some fish. Ken goes on regular missions to get medication and other supplies, getting up at 4am, hiking three hours to catch the train to Fort William where he fills up his 70 litre rucksack with enough supplies for three to four weeks before repeating the journey in reverse.

Robert Irwin is set to switch things up for Shark Week, swimming alongside a massive whitetip shark in a new Discovery Channel documentary

The winning bid went for $296,702.66, according to TMZ, which exponentially surpassed the estimated projections of $27,600-$41,000 the cinematic memento was projected to take in.

aufodara 30M Drahtseil Set/Rankhilfe Drahtseil PVC-ummantelt 2mm

A dog is captured in a confronting video flying out of a ute on a busy Cairns road and slamming into the bitumen before a motorist stops traffic and rushes its aid. But despite the heavy impact the staffy appears unfazed and gets up wagging its tail. Statistics show about 5,000 dogs are killed or injured every year falling or jumping out of moving cars. The animal welfare organisation urges motorists to use a pet harness while transporting animals.

Stay! Patient pooch Dexter sits still as he balances fruit, butter and even a jar of Marmite on his head 

A four-year-old golden retriever, named Dexter, has shown he has the perfect poise by balancing household objects like Marmite and even a pizza on his head. The footage, which was posted on TikTok, shows Dexter adorably standing up, whilst brothers, Benjamin Watts, 24, and Oliver Watts, 18, balance different objects on his head, as he patiently waits for a treat in return. Dexter's antics have earned him more than 660,000 followers on TikTok.

Blindfolded performer catches a flying arrow in one hand after firing it with a crack of her whip

April Jennifer Choi, a performance artist, captured the footage of herself in Orlando, Florida, on November 3. The video shows Choi catch a razor sharp broadhead arrow with her bare hand fired from an elliptical cam compound hunting bow using a 30ft whip. Choi holds several Guinness Book World Records in whip cracking including World's Longest Whip Cracked (2016), World's Loudest Whip Crack (2017) and Most Targets Whipped in One Minute (2018)